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Many business cannot be disrupted during normal working hours. This applies to any business not just '9 to 5', but pubs, restaurants, schools and care homes.

We're happy to visit your workplace in the evenings or at weekends - whenever it's most convenient for you. Most importantly, our out-of-hours service is available also at no extra cost
As a landlord, you have a duty to prevent harm to your tenants from electrical appliances that you supply. Portable appliance testing is widely regarded as being the best way of complying with this obligation. Without a programme of planned appliance testing and maintenance, you could be legally liable for damages resulting from your untested appliances. This covers all portable appliances that you supply, including fridges and freezers, microwave ovens, televisions and vacuum cleaners.

The regulations on electrical appliances for landlords and/or letting agents The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994, mandatory since 1 January 1997, state that all electrical appliances supplied with let accommodation must be safe.

This applies to both new and second-hand appliances and covers all electrical items supplied for the intended use of the Tenant.
The only sure method of ensuring that these appliances are safe is to have them tested by a trained competent person using the appropriate calibrated portable appliance testing equipment
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Why Should I electrical PAT Test as a landlord?
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Serving Local Industries

We are a straight-forward, no nonsense company whose key aim is to improve health and safety in the South West specialising in local industries including:-
We charge no more than £1.70 per checked item. Discounts are available for more than 100 items and for multi-site contracts. See our prices below
  • Offices and factories
  • Schools
  • Residential schools and care homes
  • Hotels
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Landlords and tenants
  • Housing Associations
  • Mobile entertainment equipment including band and disco equipment
  • Overnight testing on Tradesman's Power tools –
  • Half Term testing for schools

  Do I need PATS Testing?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions then YES you do!

Are you an employer using portable appliances?

Do you employ more than 5 employees?

Do you carry out health and safety risk assessments?

Number of items:



30 -100


  £1.60 per item

  £1.50 per item

£1.40 per item



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